*~Valentine's Day Special~* Aphrodisiac Essential Oils & How to Use Them February 13, 2017 16:24 12 Comments


a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire.
Aphrodisiacs come in all different shapes and sizes; eating oysters, listening to a certain type of music, and even fragrances can evoke a strong sense of desire. It's a concept that's been around since the era of the Ancient Romans. Scent is a very powerful sense that directly triggers a specific part of the brain that is associated with memories and emotions, which is why some scents make excellent aphrodisiacs. Also, as many people know, aromatherapy can help tremendously with relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression-- and when you are calm and content, you are more likely to be in a loving and sensual mood. 
The scents listed below are all beneficial for enhancing sexual desire and the romantic experience as a whole, but in different ways. For instance, some oils are good for boosting your mood and confidence, some enhance libido, and some can even have an effect on the quality and quantity of your orgasms. 

1. Ylang Ylang 

Ylang ylang is a sweet, floral oil that balances emotions and relieves stress. It is a calming and romantic oil that has the ability to slow your heart rate and soothe your worries. 

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is everyone's favorite oil, as its smell is so irresistible. Jasmine oil can boost your confidence and increase your passion. Blend it with rose and sandalwood essential oils, then dilute with coconut oil for a sensual massage oil blend. We even sell a roll-on perfume oil called Love Oil (very appropriately titled), that contains jasmine, rose and sandalwood as well.

3. Patchouli

Patchouli has a spicy and earthy aroma that has calming effects that can be beneficial for creating an amorous atmosphere. Patchouli oil really rounds out essential oil blends and ties everything together. It is a powerful scent with a grounding effect that can boost your mood and confidence-- also check out our special perfume blend called Passion; a sexy and sweet aroma that features patchouli as a main ingredient. 

4. Peppermint

Peppermint Oil is known for its cooling effect and its ability to relieve muscle pain and headaches. But very few people know about its aphrodisiac quality! However, peppermint is a more effective aphrodisiac for women than it is for men. In women, peppermint can have the ability to enhance orgasms and make the erogenous zones more sensitive. Since peppermint is a stimulant, it increases energy levels and makes the mind more aware of sexual arousal and the things that make it feel good.

5. Rose 

Rose oil is the quintessential oil of romance and love. Rose has been used for centuries to evoke feelings of love and sensuality. It is a triple threat-- this essential oil relieves anxiety and promotes emotional strength, enhances libido and balances hormones (in females). Rose makes a great addition to a massage oil if you mix it with neroli, sandalwood and coconut oil. 

6. Vetiver

Vetiver essential oil is a deep, earthy oil that is derived from the strong roots of vetiver grass. It has powerful aphrodisiac qualities in that it increases libido and stabilizes and soothes the mind. Vetiver oil is a very potent scent, so use it conservatively, or in conjunction with other essential oils if you'd like. Vetiver is great for instilling arousing emotions when the time is right!

7. Lavender 

Lavender essential oil has a desirable and calming herbal aroma with an accent of sweetness. Lavender is known for reducing stress, which is beneficial to getting in a romantic mood. It also increases blood flow and is especially stimulating to men. Lavender is mild enough to put right on your skin in small amounts, but be careful if you have sensitive skin. Drawing a lavender bath or spraying a blend of lavender and distilled water onto your sheets and pillows are excellent ways to experience lavender's wonderful effects. 


** Remember to dilute your essential oils before applying them to your skin with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil! Also, refrain from applying essential oils to sensitive areas such as the genitalia. **