How to Use Crystals in Meditation June 18, 2020 07:00 713 Comments


For both newcomers to meditation and those who are further in their practice, utilizing tools such as crystals and essential oils can really enhance the meditation experience. Meditating with these materials can help us to feel more grounded, connected and relaxed.

Humans and crystals have an innate connection and working with them can help you to tap into your highest self. They are tools of insight and spirituality and possess powerful energies to work with.

Essential oils, most commonly known as natural health remedies and aromatherapy mood lifters, can also help one to access a deeper and more focused meditative state.

Join us in learning how to use crystals and oils to help connect with your inner world and the earth through the practice of meditation. 

To prepare for your meditative practice, you may want to create an atmosphere of peace and calm to help you get into a more clear minded space. 

Some ways to create an ambiance of calm:
  • Light incense and candles
  • Put on ambient music or sounds of nature (or any kind of music that soothes you and isn't too distracting)
  • Dim the lights or set mood lighting/ open curtains for natural light
  • Find space where you want to sit or lay and make it comfortable (use pillows, etc.)
Another part of preparing for your meditation can involve clearing the energy in your space. People do this in many different ways-- one of the most common is referred to as "smudging," which involves burning a bundle of dried herbs and allowing the smoke to permeate the space. It is sometimes thought of as a type of "spiritual house cleaning," the act of clearing out any kind of negative energy.
Some smudging tools include:
  • Sage (white sage, blue sage, mountain sage, black sage, etc.)
  • Cedar
  • Palo santo
  • Juniper
  • Lavender
  • Pine
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense resin
  • Incense
  • Yerba santa
  • Fire safe bowl or shell- abalone shells are often used for their spiritual properties
  • Feather to spread around the smoke (optional)
Choosing a crystal to work with in your meditation will depend on a few factors. We will go into some examples of crystals you can use, but you may also want to do your own research to find one that is in line with your intention or feeling. Different stones have different properties and energies. However, some people like to choose a crystal solely based on their intuition, regardless of the properties of the stone. 

Some crystals you may want to consider for your meditation:
  • Clear Quartz- all chakras, particularly crown chakra, universal healing crystal, mental clarity, amplifies other crystals' energies.
  • Amethyst- crown chakra, enlightenment, transformation, intuition, calming.
  • Rose Quartz- heart chakra, comforting, emotional healing, unconditional love.
  • Fluorite- third eye chakra, energy cleansing and balancing, connection to higher purpose. 
  • Carnelian- sacral chakra, energy boosting, motivation, creativity, confidence.
  • Moonstone- third eye, sacral and crown chakra, removes negativity, balances emotions, spiritual growth, relaxation.
  • Citrine- solar plexus chakra, confidence, abundance, warming & energizing.
  • Selenite- crown chakra, energy cleansing, renewal, clears mind, protects energetic field.
  • Labradorite- throat and third eye chakras, insight, wisdom, spirituality, relieves stress, aura cleansing.
  • Black Tourmaline- root chakra, grounding, strong protection stone, removes negativity. 
Selecting an essential oil (or essential oil blend) to incorporate into your meditative practice is similar to the way in which you choose a crystal. You can base it on the properties of the essential oils or you can choose based on intuition, using your sense of smell.

Again, this choice will be centered around what your intention is for your meditation. Are you looking to reduce stress and relax? Are you trying to elevate your consciousness and have an introspective look inside? Are you trying to be more spiritual? Boost your energy and be more present?

You can drop some pure essential oil into an aroma diffuser, dilute it with carrier oil and rub onto your body, or use a pre-diluted blend and do the same.

Some essential oils for meditation:
Earth Speaks blends for meditation: 
  • Diffuser Blends: Mental Focus, Meditation, Balance, Peace & Calming, Enlightenment, Anxiety Relief, Earth Oil, Clarity, Vitality. 
  • Roll-Ons (diluted): Earthy Goddess, Happy Oil, Destress Oil, Mental Focus Oil, Comfort & Bliss.
  • Mists (diluted): Spark, Destress, Energizing, Encounter, Citrus Lift, Firewood.
  • Inhalers: Anxiety Relief, Mental Focus, Peace & Calming, Sleep, Anti Depressant, Sinus Infection. 
Get comfortable! There are many different ways to position your body when meditating. How you do this may also dictate where you place your crystals. See some examples below: 
  • If you are seated: you can hold the crystal(s) in your hand while meditating or create an energy field by placing one in front of you, one behind and one on either side of you. 
  • If you are lying down: you may want to assume this pose if you intend on lying the crystal(s) on your body while meditating. You can place them on their corresponding energy centers or "chakras." For example, placing a piece of labradorite on your forehead for the third eye chakra.
A great way to begin this meditation is to sit silently and focus on feeling the energy of your stone. Think about the ways it is healing you.
  • Develop a connection with your crystal and try to pay attention to the ways this is happening-- physical sensations, visuals, colors, etc.
  • Then begin to focus on your breath. Breathing is an integral part of meditating. Form a slow and relaxed breathing pattern and focus on it. 
  • You may also want to practice visualizations with your crystal while you are meditating. For instance, when you are holding the stone in your hand, imagine its energy flowing through your body. You may want to picture a glowing light that's the same color as the crystal and feel it filling your body and mind.
  • Think of your intention but in its simplest form; try not to get too specific in your thoughts and if you do, just gently bring your attention back to your crystal or your breath.
Try and meditate for at least 10 minutes. If you are experienced in meditation then you may do longer if you'd like. End by connecting back with your breath and grounding yourself with the earth as you open your eyes.
Crystals are not only useful for meditation, but also for mindfulness exercises that you can do wherever, whenever. Bring a crystal with you on the go in your pocket or in your bag to use for calming, grounding, energy cleansing and more.
  • Hold it in your hand, feeling it's energy and focusing on its properties. The stone you choose to bring should be in line with your intention or to help heal what you are currently struggling with.
  • Focus on your breath as you sit with your stone and gently rub it with your thumb. Pay close attention to how the crystal feels and to any physical sensations in your body.
  • Hold your stone in your left hand ("receiving" hand), and imagine its energy as a bright white or gold light traveling all the way through your body to your right hand.