On Sale Now at the Museum of the City of New York! July 1, 2016 15:39

Last weekend we had the opportunity to conduct a pop-up sale at the Museum of the City of New York, a beautiful museum that focuses on the rich history of NYC and features locally made products in its gift shop and pop-ups. We are lucky to also have our Be Beautiful organic skin care products and handmade Terrarium Jewelry in their gift shop's permanent collection.

We will soon be doing more pop-ups there, potentially alongside some other made-in-NYC vendors! Museum of the City of New York is located across from Central Park on the East side, at 1220 5th Avenue. Below are some photos of our setup! 

The products that are on display now in the gift shop is our all natural Insect Repellant, Classic Face Oil, Neroli Body Oil, Lemongrass Grapefruit Lip Balm, Roll-On Energizing Oil, a couple other roll-on perfume oils and all of our essential oil Inhalers. For Terrarium Jewelry, we have rings, small, medium and large earrings, earrings with semi-precious stones and small to large necklaces. Stop by and check it out!