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Making Natural Room Spray

Room and linen spray can be a super easy and accessible product to make at home with a few simple components. The one that we make at our shop includes distilled water, a few essential oils and a bit of alcohol. Combine the ingredients, shake it up and it's ready to use!
The key is having the right tools, knowing your proportions and making a scent that you'll love. You can also opt to use specific essential oils that help purify the air and get rid of mold, or ones that are particularly good at eliminating odors. You can also use aromatherapy principles to choose oils with certain properties, such as mood boosting or sleep & relaxation.

1. Gather Your Materials. All you will really need is the following:

- A 2 oz. dark colored glass spray bottle. We typically use these cobalt blue ones but brown amber bottles are also great. The tint will keep the natural ingredients like essential oils have a longer shelf life.

- Distilled water. Bottled spring water from the store will work great.

- Alcohol. Just like when making natural perfume, strong vodka like Everclear or rubbing alcohol is fine.

- Essential Oils. These will be up to your discretion depending on what type of scent you want to make. See the steps below for more info on the benefits of different essential oils and how to build a fragrance.

- A Funnel (optional) 

- A Measuring Cup or Beaker
2. Make Your Essential Oil Blend. Choosing the oils for your blend will depend on a number of different factors to consider. These factors include the physical & mental benefits of the oils, which ones work well together in a blend, and what your personal scent preferences are. Try to stick with between 2 and 4 different oils for your blend, unless you are very experienced in formulating fragrances. Below we've listed a few recipe examples to get you inspired:

- Air Purifier: Tea Tree, Lemon & Rosemary (or Eucalyptus).

- Calming Bedtime: Lavender, Chamomile & Cedarwood.

- Mental Clarity/ Refreshing: Peppermint, Orange & Lime.

- Romance: Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli.

- Uplifting: Bergamot, Grapefruit & Geranium.
3. Make Your Essential Oil Blend (cont.). After you've chosen the essential oils you will be using in your blend, you will have to figure out the ratio. In the Room & Linen Spray that we make at our shop, typically about 10% of it is essential oils. This means that if you are using a 2 oz. bottle, you will be using 120 drops of essential oils total (or 6 mL). However, you can always use a smaller amount of essential oils if you want a lighter scent, or if you intend on using it on bedding/clothing and have sensitive skin.

If it is a total of 120 drops, then you must break down how many drops of each individual oil you'll be using. See below for an example:

Air Purifier Blend (in a 2 oz/ 60 mL bottle): 
Tea Tree: 30 drops
Lemon: 40 drops
Rosemary: 50 drops
Total Drops Essential Oil: 120 (6 mL)

You can break up the amounts however you'd like-- depending on the strength of each oil and which ones you'd like to be more prominent in your blend. You can also just split the total evenly for a balanced blend. For instance, if you are using 3 different essential oils then you would use 40 drops of each one for a total of 120 drops.
4. Add the Alcohol & Water. First, measure out 10 mL of alcohol using your beaker and pour it directly into the 2 oz. bottle. Do this right after you've added your essential oil blend to the bottle. Integrate it by gently swirling the mixture around. In natural room spray, the alcohol acts as a mixing agent that helps combine the essential oils and the water. It also acts as a carrier to help the fragrance linger in the air and adhere to things.

Then add your water. Measure out about 44 mL of water in your beaker or measuring glass and pour into the 2 oz. bottle until it is filled to the top. If you have a funnel, you can also use that to pour the water into the bottle neatly. Be sure not to overfill it as the water level will rise a bit when you screw on the spray top. 
5. Label Your Creation & Shake It Up! It is up to you whether or not you want to label your room spray and how detailed you want to get with it. Some people like to write all of the ingredients on a sticky label or a piece of paper taped to the bottle. Some may just want to give their fragrance a fun name on the label and keep the recipe written down elsewhere for the future. It's entirely your choice! Have fun with it-- but remember if you'd like to make your blend again it is important to keep the recipe recorded somewhere. 

Screw the spray top onto the bottle and shake it gently to combine the ingredients. Then leave it to sit for a few hours before using. Remember to shake the mixture well each time prior to use. This will help reintegrate the essential oils and water. Store in a cool dry place if possible to help the essential oils last longer.
And you're all set! Making your own or buying natural room spray is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to commercially available/ mass produced sprays that may have harmful chemicals. It is also a fun thing to make at home and can help you to learn more about fragrance construction & aromatherapy.

Please see the link below to our website to shop our small-batch natural room & linen sprays. And be sure to check out the links throughout this email to shop for essential oils to make your blend. Thanks for tuning in to Earth Speaks How-To's! Stay safe & healthy <3

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