How to Make a Crystal Grid June 14, 2020 05:00


In this week's issue of Earth Speaks "How-To's," we will be showing you how to create a powerful tool of manifestation-- the crystal grid.
A crystal grid is the arrangement of stones in a geometric pattern to channel energy towards a specific purpose or goal. The crystals are charged by being close to one another (in a sacred geometric design), and most importantly, by your intention.  
The union of those elements and energies can be stronger than using a single crystal for working towards an intended goal. If you have many crystals at home, no matter the size, they can be put to use in a crystal grid! Many people recommend having a clear quartz point for it is an excellent "activator," and has the ability to direct energy.
Most importantly just have fun with it and trust your intuition!

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Step One-- Set Your Intention. Your intention can be specific or general, just a goal or intention that you want to manifest in your life. This can be anything from increasing your creativity and inspiration to opening your heart to love. It is entirely up to you! You might want to choose an "area" of your life that you want to work on, or a feeling that you want to create more of. Some examples include boosting creativity and inspiration, helping to bring more financial stability to your family, and increasing feelings of peace and serenity in your life. 
Set Two-- Choose Your Crystals. You can create crystal grids for many different purposes, so what you want to use it for determines which crystals you'll be using. As I said above, feel free to just follow your intuition and choose the stones that you feel most drawn to in that moment or with your intention in mind. It is also recommended to go by the prescribed meanings of the crystals. For example, if you are making a grid for wealth and prosperity, you may want to include crystals that are known to help promote those things such as jade, pyrite and citrine. 
Step Three- Cleanse Your Space & Find a Place For Your Grid. Burning herbs or incense can help to clear the energy of a particular space so that you can start fresh with your intention. You can use sage in the form of a bundle, also known as a "smudge stick." This can include other herbs such as rosemary, juniper, cedar and more, if you prefer to use something other than sage. Other cleansing tools include burning incense, sound cleansing (Tibetan singing bowl), or having bowls of sea salts or pink Himalayan salt present in the room. 

Find a safe place to set up your crystal grid, somewhere you can leave it and it will be undisturbed for a while. You might also want to set a calming or ambient mood while you are constructing your crystal grid by putting on music, lighting candles or having an aromatherapy diffuser on. 
Step Four- Stating Your Intention. Write your intention or goal down on a small piece of paper. You may also write it on the back of a photo that represents or depicts your intention, or even a drawing of it. Be as clear as possible in your description. Fold it up and set it aside until you get to the last step.
Step Five- Laying Out Your Crystals. You can use a template for guidance if you'd like, they're fairly easy to find if you want to purchase (or make your own) crystal grid cloth. That will provide you with a layout to follow with specific areas to place the stones. You can also simply place them in a geometric pattern, without using any type of grid cloth. In the photo above, I used a hand-embroidered cloth from my grandmother that is special to me. You can also go this route!

Start from the exterior and move towards the center, all the while keeping your intention in mind. Be sure to leave a space in the center of your arrangement-- that is where your written intention and "master crystal" will go.
Step Six- Choose Your "Master Crystal." Your master crystal, as mentioned above, will be the primary energy source, located at the center of your grid. It can be any crystal that you choose with mindfulness and intuition. It should be representative of the overall goal of your crystal grid. As with the other stones in the grid, you can make this selection based on which one you are personally drawn to, the defined purpose of the crystal, or both of these things combined.

You will also want to charge this crystal before you put it in the grid-- this can be done a few different ways. It is sometimes helpful to remember the five elements of Japanese Buddhism when thinking of crystal cleansing or charging: earth, water, fire, wind and void. 

Earth- surround your crystal with plants or bury it in the soil. Leave overnight or for 24 hours to charge it with Earth energy. 
Water- Leave your crystal in a bowl of water with a bit of sea salt. Be sure to check if the type of crystal you chose can withstand being left in water. Stones like selenite will dissolve or errode.
Fire- Surround your crystal with smoke from incense, sage or burning another type of herb or resin like frankincense. 
Wind- Leave your crystal on an open windowsill or outside for some hours to absorb the energy from the full moon, or from the sun. 
Void- This refers to pure energy, spirit and thought. You can charge your crystal simply by imbuing it with your energy, holding it in your hand as you breathe and meditate, focusing on your goal or intention.
Step Seven- Activate Your Crystal Grid. Sit down at your grid, take a deep breath and center yourself. With your written intention in one hand and your master crystal in the other, close your eyes and say your intention aloud or visualize it in your mind. Try to keep a calm, balanced and positive mindset. As you envision your goal, really think about what it will look like when you achieve it. Get as detailed as you like. With that in mind, take your written intention and place it in the center of the grid. Then place your master crystal on top of it. Continue to breathe deeply and stay grounded and focused. 

Energetically connect the stones in your grid by taking a Clear Quartz crystal point and drawing an invisible line from one crystal to the next, starting from the outside and going around all the way around until you reach the center, still keeping your intention in mind. You have now activated your crystal grid! You may want to say a little prayer or mantra of gratitude to finish up the process. Leave the grid in its location for up to 40 days and let it do its magic. 

Crystal grids can be a strong way to utilize and unite the energy of your crystals. Try it out today and feel free to send us a photo or post it on Instagram and tag us