AWESOME SALES & New Products for the Holidays!! November 10, 2016 14:51 2 Comments


Believe it or not, it's that time of the year again! The holiday season is steadily approaching and some of us have already begun our quest for the perfect gift. And nothing says 'one of a kind' like a gift that is handcrafted in our beloved Brooklyn, New York-- and luckily for you we've got plenty of those. 

We've decided to participate in the whole "Cyber Monday" craze and offer some special deals to our wonderful neighbors, friends and customers far and wide. 


1. Take 20% off orders equal to or above $50.00. Valid all day from 12 AM to 11:59 PM on Monday, November 28th. 

Discount Code: 16KXXGPIAKFE

2. Take 15% off any items in our new collection, "Mists." Valid all day from 12 AM to 11:59 PM on Monday, November 28th. 

Discount Code: ZVZ3P0KQ4C9A

** Also keep in mind that if you live in NYC or nearby, then you can come into our store anytime between Thanksgiving & New Years to receive special deals on some of our products (i.e. if you spend over a certain amount you get a discount).  


We are constantly concocting new creations in our shop, whether it be Terrarium Jewelry, an essential oil blend or a new type of soap or candle. 



Our new collection of handmade essential oil-based aromatherapy mists has been well-received by our local customers and customers from our run at Chelsea Market. 

A little bit about our Mists:

- Made using pure essential oils diluted in grain alcohol

- Multipurpose; can be used as a perfume or body mist, room spray or linen spray

- Specifically designed to provide different benefits that can be experienced through aromatherapy




We have also recently created a Motion Sickness Inhaler that is not packaged or labeled quite yet, containing essential oils of dill weed, ginger, grapefruit, peppermint and chamomile. 

Also in the works are as follows: all natural Deodorant, massage oil for menopause, aromatherapy inhaler to help quit smoking, and antibacterial hand spray. Stay tuned! 


New Mist Collection: