Oil: Acne's Unlikely Enemy March 18, 2016 13:51

It sounds counterintuitive to use oil for treating acne, but according to various studies, testimonials and my own personal experience, it is very effective. Not only is it effective, but it is also all-natural, devoid of chemicals and relatively affordable (particularly compared to most acne treatments). 

Oils are even more beneficial for adults experiencing acne, because there are many other skin issues that occur as you age. The therapeutic properties of essential oils can relieve this wide variety of problems encountered with maturing skin. These include damage from the sun, wrinkles and fine lines, and pigmentation issues. 

One of the most prominent reasons why plant-derived oils are adept at treating blemishes is, quite simply, that they keep your skin hydrated in a regulated and healthy way. It is a common occurrence when your skin may feel very dry or flaky, but you are still getting pimples. This is mainly due to the fact that the dry skin cells clog your pores-- meaning that if your skin is not properly hydrated, the dead skin and debris that get into the pores becomes hardened, resulting in acne and inflammation. It is a nice idea to believe that our skin should be able to sufficiently regulate its oil production on its own, but unfortunately due to environmental factors-- unless you live in a tropical and humid climate-- it is constantly being dried out. 

Our BE Beautiful Clear Skin Face Oil is the perfect concoction for fighting acne, especially in the harsh winter months. I personally have seen a huge positive change in my skin since I began using it last year. I used to dread winter because of the damage it would do to my skin- dry flakiness, inflammation, blemishes, etc. Now I see almost no difference in my glowing midsummer skin and my winter skin! Its ingredients include the carrier oils jojoba, which is excellent for all skin types, and meadowfoam oil which is known for its skin-softening and anti-oxidant properties. Both are fairly light oils that won't clog your pores. Then we added essential oils that are ideal for treating acne, such as tea tree and lemon. It is also good to know that tea tree oil can be applied 'neat,' meaning directly to the skin undiluted. It should be applied to blemishes for spot treatment. Lemon oil is antibacterial and has astringent properties, while rosemary reduces redness and swelling, promotes circulation and tones/ tightens the skin. 

With a stellar lineup of all-natural ingredients neatly packaged in a 1 oz. glass apothecary-style bottle, our Clear Skin oil will leave you feeling clean, moisturized and acne free. If you are already an essential oil collector it is an easy recipe to make yourself! We also sell almost all of the raw ingredients to put you on your way.