The History of Love Potions February 9, 2016 15:52 32 Comments

In the vast history of romance, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire, fragrances were essential to the art of seduction. Botanical oils were commonly used to create these desirable aromas. Perfumes were created to attract lovers, and headdresses adorned with sweet smelling flowers were often worn at weddings as a symbol of love and fertility. 

We now know that scent does in fact have a direct connection to the amygdala and the hippocampus-- parts of the brain that process emotion and deal with associative learning, respectively. The neural structure that is involved in the sense of smell (called the olfactory bulb) is closely connected to these emotional parts of the brain, all together called the limbic system. So it is no coincidence that when we take in a scent we are reminded of a loved one, an event in your life, or a certain place. If no specific memory comes to mind, it is possible that the aroma simply evokes a feeling or emotion, or just a vague familiarity. 

As we know from aromatherapy, scents can also have a significant effect on your mood. Certain scents such as jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, patchouli, and vetiver are commonly known oils with aphrodisiac properties, meaning that inhaling the aroma of these oils can put you in a romantic mood and inspire sexual energy. Citrus oils such as neroli and bergamot can also have this effect because they naturally promote relaxation and a peaceful mood, making you more open to attraction and sensual experiences. 

Ways that we can use essential oils for their romantically stimulating aromas include baths, massage oils, and perfume. For instance, we blended rose, sandalwood, jasmine and jojoba to create a mesmerizing roll-on perfume called Love Oil. A massage oil blend might include ylang ylang and sweet almond oil. Another way to experience inspiring scents such as these is to make a linen spray for your bed. Ideal for lovemaking and seduction, this blend should include oils such as jasmine, sandalwood and vetiver (the same ingredients as our 'Encounter' roll-on perfume!) mixed together in water, contained in a spray bottle. 

In light of Valentine's Day and all that it represents, create an amorous atmosphere with these all-natural fragrances. Whether it be to attract and cultivate love, or simply to generate positive energy and enhance your mood, these aromas can truly make a difference!