Freshly (home)Made: Happy Oil! January 26, 2016 16:59


Our latest essential oil experiment involved a blend of citrus and floral oils that we diffused in our shop. We added mostly grapefruit oil, with a couple drops of ylang ylang and geranium to a medium-sized bowl of water in front of our heater. Customers responded very positively to this scent, commenting on how the aroma changed their mood as they entered the store and how they grew increasingly joyful and energetic, yet relaxed. Some just really enjoyed the scent for no particular explicable reason. 

Considering the enthusiastic responses from customers, as well as our personal affinity for the scent, we decided to finally make a larger batch of the essential oil blend and bottle it. The final recipe is a blend of grapefruit, bergamot, ylang ylang and geranium. It is sold here now as a blend of just essential oils for diffusing, making your own spray or diluting with carrier oil to make your own mixture. We also created a mix that is diluted with organic golden jojoba oil and hand-poured into a roll on bottle, perfect for a portable, all-natural perfume! 

The aromas from essential oils can seriously alter your mood in positive ways, and has even been used as a supplemental treatment for anxiety and depression. Bergamot is an especially powerful citrus oil that is often used for its uplifting and inspiring effects.

BE Beautiful's 'Happy Oil' is now available for purchase in our shop and will soon be available for purchase online.