Essential Oils and Women's Health January 6, 2016 16:35

uterus oil

                                                                                   1 oz. bottle of Breast Oil

We created the natural beauty brand Be Beautiful with the main intention of encouraging positive and healthy habits that become an integral and enjoyable part of a lifestyle. We realize how important it is for people to love themselves and their bodies, and to care for them as best as they can. Using natural and honest ingredients is an essential part of this process. 

That is why we created a few products specifically made for women's health and wellness, such as our Breast Oil and Uterus Oil. Just the act of using a daily massage oil on your breasts can stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin and tissue firm. It is also good to create habits that promote self-love and care, while simultaneously feeling for breast changes (which is a very important activity we sometimes forget to do). 


                                                                                 15 mL bottle of Uterus Oil

The Uterus Oil is also a massage oil, made to use externally on the pelvic region, uterus and ovaries. It's main purpose is to soothe menstrual cramps and promote overall uterine health. Including essential oils such as cypress and ylang ylang, this oil blend helps to balance hormones, reduce ovarian cysts and relieve menstrual pain. 

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