Hot Product | Essential Oil Inhalers November 1, 2015 18:01

One of the best ways to experience the infinite benefits of these therapeutic oils is to inhale them nasally. These aromatherapy inhalers are ideal for balancing your mood, relieving stress, or even soothing your cold or allergy symptoms. We have seven different inhaler blends-- Allergy, Anxiety, Cold & Flu, Calm, Sleep, Sinus Infection and Headache-- all involving combinations of different essential oils that are beneficial to each specific ailment. 

How does one use an essential oil inhaler? Great question. Simply remove the tube's cover and place the inhaler slightly inside one nostril at a time, breathing in deeply. This can be done as much as you like, multiple times throughout the day. Inhalers are a great and portable way to use essential oils, particularly for experiencing the way in which they can lift moods, balance emotions and facilitate healthy and easy breathing. 

See (bottom of page) for more information, including alternative ways to inhale essential oils. 

*Inhalers made in our kitchen at our shop-- 139 Atlantic Avenue*