What is an Essential Oil Diffuser? June 30, 2015 12:07

Essential oil diffusers are used for aromatherapy, to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your home. The diffusers that we carry at Earth Speaks only need three simple elements to get them going-- water, essential oil and electricity. Plug it into a wall outlet, fill up with water and mix a few drops of oil into it and it's ready to go! This type of diffuser works essentially like a humidifier, slowly blowing water vapor into the air to be dispersed in your interior space.

Our BeHome essential oil blends are made specifically for diffusing in your home, and come in a variety of blends such as Balance (lavender & peppermint) and Meditation (Cedarwood & Balsam). These oils are chosen for their individual properties, each having different physical, mental and emotional effects.

Diffusers are good for your mood and your health! They are much better for you to inhale than incense or smoke of any kind, and everyone who enters your home will smell and feel the difference.