7 Gift Ideas for the All-Natural Momma this Mother's Day April 8, 2016 14:57

Ideally, we should be praising our moms every day, but it is easy to get caught up in the rush of daily life and we forget to remind our loved ones of how awesome they actually are. Moms work hard day in and day out, and often sacrifice time that they could be spending on themselves to look after or care for others. That is why we've compiled a list of our favorite organic skin care products that are specifically designated for me-time. Taking care of our bodies and relaxing our minds are not only vital to the maintenance of our health and mental states, but also provide us with a self-confidence boost that is much needed every now and again. These items are great gift ideas for you to treat any mother-figure that is special in your life! 

1. Grapefruit & Lavender All-Purpose Scrub

This handmade sugar scrub includes grapefruit peel, lavender oil, coconut oil and natural brown sugar- making it the ultimate exfoliating dream. The sweet aroma of the scrub creates a serene atmosphere and afterwards leaves your skin incredibly soft to the touch. Give your mother the gift of calming and magical showers!


2. Wildflower Garden Natural Perfume Spray

Nothing quite makes you feel beautiful in the same way as smelling like a real-life flower garden. Included in our new line of essential oil-based perfumes, Wildflower Garden is a floral delight that is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It has essential oils such as the famous and decadent Rose oil, and the calming sweet sensation of Geranium oil. 

3. Lemongrass & Rosemary Bath Salts

Treat your hard working mom with this gift that keeps on giving-- in the form of soothing and therapeutic baths! Taking baths is a relaxing and rejuvenating way to spend time on yourself and meditate at the end of the day. With the healing properties of Epsom salt and dead sea salt, this bath salt mixture is ideal for soothing achy muscles and joints. 


4. Love Oil Roll-On Perfume

Containing the more pricey and sought-after essential oils, our Love Oil is an elegant and all-natural fragrance that exudes sensuality and confidence. Its components are simple and sophisticated-- rose, sandalwood and jasmine essential oils diluted in our organic golden jojoba oil. The perfect gift to make any woman smell as sexy as she truly is. 

5. Jade Face Massager

You're probably thinking, 'what the heck is a face massager and why does my face even need massaging?' Because it feels amazing, that's why! Also, the skin and muscles on your face are rarely massaged, let alone touched-- therefore it is important to stimulate circulation to this part of your body. Blood circulation keeps the skin firm and helps fight loss of elasticity. Bottom line- it feels great and is excellent for your skin. Another thing you can tell the special lady in your life is that this product helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines! 

6. Hair Oil

Our organic Hair Oil blend has been gaining popularity among women with all types of hair (and even a few men)! This is because it gives your hair more body, keeps it silky soft and even promotes hair growth and fights dandruff. What's not to love? Also, it smells amazing. Choose between our two blends for a unique and all natural gift that many mothers would love to receive. 

7. Plug-In Essential Oil Diffuser

The final product on this list is our Faux Wood Essential Oil Diffuser. Simply plug it into the wall, fill the inside with water and a few drops of one of our Be Home essential oil blends, close it up, turn it on and enjoy the wonderful aroma. It is a lovely and stress-relieving addition to any home.