Health & Wellness Gift Box

$ 50.00

Health & Wellness Gift Box includes only organic skin care products, handmade in our shop in Brooklyn. This includes our specially formulated Uterus Massage Oil and Breast Massage Oil. Uterus Oil is used to soothe cramps and menstrual pain, as well as promote overall uterine health. The Breast Oil is for hormone and breast health, and to increase blood flow to the breasts, promoting firm and healthy skin. The gift box also includes a goats milk-based soap, scented with essential oils palma rosa and geranium, our homemade lemongrass grapefruit lip balm, and a natural sea sponge. The ideal gift that encourages self care, health and love. 

  • Box with hemp ribbon & tissue paper included
  • 100% Organic
  • Handmade in Brooklyn