Himalayan CrystalLitez & EssentialLitez - Pure Salt Bowl Aromatherapy Salt Lamp w/ UL Listed Dimmer

$ 39.90

NOT ON AMAZON. EXCLUSIVE FOR OUR FAIRE RETAILERS. ORGANIC,AROMATIC AND BENEFICIAL :Himalayan CrystalLitez is the new generation salt lamp that can be used in 3 ways.As a SALT LAMP, AIR PURIFIER and OIL DIFFUSER. 100% AUTHENTIC AND HAND MINED SALT CRYSTALS :from The Salt Mines of Himalaya Mountains.Your Salt Rocks are Roughly 250 million Years Old,Meaning They Were Deposited Long Before The Earth Became Polluted With Heavy Metals,Pesticides and PCBs. SAFE AND THERAPEUTIC :Amazing amber glow of salt lamp will reduce your stress level while giving a beautiful candle looking however No Matches Needed at all.You can leave it on all the time. A GREAT HOLIDAY ITEM. Comes in a retail box