Austin Rose Scented Candle with Glass Base: Blue - Bluebell

$ 16.00

This scented candle is made from all-natural soy and essential fragrance oil. Measures 2.8" x 2.8"x 2" Burning time: 1-2 hours Flavor Chamomile-- Take you back to the bright summer days of childhood. Wild Bluebell-- Vibrant blue buds bloom in the shady woodlands, and the dew-dropped bluebell are sweet and delicate, combined with the sweet smell of persimmons, which is mesmerizing. Lavender-- The clear and bright floral fragrance has a healing effect, like a sky that embraces the scorching sun and heavy rain, helping us to stabilize our emotions and balance negative emotions in the soothing effect. Rose-- Like a bouquet of dry pink roses, the very simple rose aroma is like the climbing roses poking out from the wall on a summer evening. Peach-- Sweet peach, not pungent, a touch of fragrance fills the air. CANDLE CARE Before you light a candle, always trim the wick to ¼ inch and remove any debris left in the wax pool such as wick trimmings or matches.