Welcome to Earth Speaks!

Earth Speaks is a magical little shop in Brooklyn Heights, NY. We sell products such as terrariums and air plants, organic skin care products, terrarium jewelry, soap and candles-- all of which are made in-house at our shop in Brooklyn. Although we make a wide variety of things, all of our products are tied together by their relationship to nature, as well as by their contribution to leading healthy, mindful and creative lives.

In addition to making our own products, we also sell various items made by local artists, such as paintings, pottery and jewelry. We have been in business in this space since 2001, and have gradually become a well-known neighborhood 'happy place,' organic apothecary and wonderland of unique treasures. Come visit us anytime! 

Bi Li- Senior Product Fabricator, Designer and Buyer

Emily Smucker- Creative Assistant, Graphic Designer