☯ E A R T H   S P E A K S 

Neighborhood happy place, organic apothecary, wonderland of handcrafted and unique treasures. 

What We Do 

We are constantly creating new all-natural skin care products and recipes, designing jewelry and assembling terrariums. Coming soon is a monthly series of classes on homemade skin care and essential oil blends (hosted at our store in Brooklyn!) Here are a couple snapshots of the happenings within our establishment.


All of our Be Beautiful Organic Skincare is made in our shop. Using fresh ingredients such as lemon and organic brown sugar, we recently produced a new face and hand scrub that leaves your skin incredibly, naturally soft. 


 Our terrarium window display consists of a series of hanging strands of fishing wire from ceiling hooks, with crystals attached to the ends for easy hanging of the terrariums and jellyfish air plants. 


To stay updated on new products and how-to tutorials, visit our blog!

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